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    This course is designed to teach valuable skills to help you improve your health and wellbeing. You will:

    • Learn how to plan and prepare quick, simple, nutritious plant-based meals to fit into your busy schedule
    • Determine what is causing your food cravings and how to make healthier food choices
    • Eat mindfully and understand the importance of being hydrated
    • Get clarity on how to improve your work/life balance by making simple changes and managing your time better
    • Learn how to set and implement clear, effective health and wellness goals
    • Create the boundaries and motivational space for self-care practices
    • Understand the importance of sleep and learn tools to enhance the quality of your sleep
    • Evaluate how stress affects your life and what to do to reduce your stress levels
    • Feel more energized to do the things that matter in your life
    • Be motivated to find a fitness practice that you enjoy and works for your lifestyle
    • Adopt healthy habits to get you closer to your ideal weight
    • Learn how to truly nurture relationships that matter to you
    • Have access to various guided visualizations and other course materials

    You have two options of the course to choose from:


    Harmonious Way To Health Course + Facebook group support

    This option gives you 6 months of Facebook group support as well as 12 months access to the course. The extra support gives you extra motivation, accountability and also gives you a chance to ask questions on the Facebook group once a week.

    Harmonious Way To Health Course

    This options is ideal for you if you are self-motivated and want to cover the content at your own pace. You have 12 months access to the course, but no additional support.

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